Monthly Archives: June 2010

Two Great Dads

On Father’s Day we celebrated two GREAT Dads!  I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for my own Dad and full of appreciation for the Dad, my husband, is to our three kiddos.  God has been so good to bless my life with these two awesome men.  I admire my Dad for his authenticity in living out […]

The Graduates

I am super proud of my two big kiddos.  Ian is officially done with his preschool years and moving onto kindergarten.  Haley will be a second grader next year.  Wow!  I will have two of my three in school all day.  This year has been BIG for both of them.  Ian had a rough start […]

First Day of Summer Vacation!

Today marks the first day of our summer vacation!  And there is no better way to ring in the summer than to spend a day in your pajamas playing in the backyard.  A few of our favorite summer activities: jump-roping, swinging and ice-cream floats!  Here’s to many more days just like this….WELCOME SUMMER!

The Ballet Recital

Haley and one of her best friends have been taking ballet classes the past several months.  Haley has done a jazz class, a hip-hop class, and a gymnastics class but I must admit she has the perfect body and posture of a graceful ballerina.  Come every Tuesday afternoon, she has worn a black leotard with […]