Monthly Archives: January 2010

Just thought I’d mention…

Haley and I were doing one of our favorite bedtime rituals “team reading.”  Basically, she reads a chapter in a book and then I read a chapter as well.  It’s been a great way to encourage her reading skill and still let her enjoy being read to.  As often happens, a new word popped up […]

Happy, Sleepy New Year!

Haley and Ian were determined this year to ring in the New Year.  Since this holiday is a new concept for them I was able to persuade my two big kiddos to watch the New York ball drop at 9 pm West Coast time (aren’t I tricky) on the TV.  We would ring in the […]

Christmas Cheer

OK, I could not close out 2009 without a recap of our family Christmas gatherings and a few favorite Christmas pictures posted.  It has actually been one year since I started this blogging adventure and my plan is to have a printed copy of all the posts in one book as a sort of scrap-book […]