Monthly Archives: January 2009

Welcome Mr. President

A conversation on our drive home from school. H:  Today at school we prayed for the old president, Mr. Bush.  He has to go back to Texas now. Mom:  That was a nice thing to do. H:  And IJ do you know we have a new president now? IJ:  Oh (totally disinterested). H:  We prayed […]

Big Bear or Bust

The Mac Fam took a much needed mini vacation to So Cal’s local mountains.  If you ask IJ we  went up to “Build-A-Bear” Mountain.  His wiser and older Sis repeatedly corrected him to call it Big Bear Mountain.  We arrived to a cozy and cute bear themed cabin, and it was perfect for our long […]

“These are a few of my favorite things”

    Observe pic on the left of IJ sleeping in his bed.  He has six favorite things that he cannot live (or sleep) without.  #1  Cars alarm clock.  #2  Blue Cars sippy cup.  #3 Backyardigans book.  #4  Lightning McQueen race-car.  #5  Blue flashlight (best Christmas present from Uncle C).  #6  Kid-sized pillow.  IJ can […]

Leave-in Conditioner

     I ran into a few of you fellow bloggers/friends yesterday while picking up my kids from school.  There I was in baggy gray sweat-pants, an over-sized T-shirt, and my hair very wet and hiding under a baseball hat with no make-up on.  In fact, I embarrassingly shared with several of you that my […]

Mr. Nobody

During a recent family outing on the car ride home a new friend was added to our family.  And here is how he came about:  a suspicious stink was smelled by Mom and Dad.  Dad asked, “Who is doing that?”  H quickly replied, “It is not me.” And IJ followed, “Not me Dad.”  A few […]

Baby New Year!

 Happy New Year!  Nope, this not a pic of EC our newest baby but of H when she was around six months of age.  It is one of my favorite pics of her.  Hard to believe she is now five and little EC has taken her place.  I must say EC is pretty darn cute, […]

HELLO Blogging World!

Dear Fellow Bloggers, I have been captivated by your blog sites for long enough–so why not join you?!  A few reasons have kept me from starting my own:  not enough time, very busy, sleep deprived, not a moment to myself, etc, etc.  Or another reason with no explanation needed is “motherhood.” Oh, but I do […]

In the beginning…

In the beginning there was calmness, romance, and freedom.  Tim and I met in 1999, fell in love, and married in December of 2001.  We moved from California to Baltimore to begin our life together.  We enjoyed one wonderful year of being newlyweds but to our surprise and delight we learned we were pregnant.  Our […]