Monthly Archives: September 2009

Sweet Elize

My baby girl is ONE.  And well, not such a baby anymore. She is crawling, very close to walking. She plays with her toys independently.  She often has a car in one hand and a baby doll in the other. She eats “people food” with the rest of the family.  Her favorite food is fresh […]

Hello to School

The school year has begun and it is truly bittersweet.  I knew this day was coming when two of my kiddos would be out of the home and in school for most of their day.  Thank goodness, Elize is my reality check–I still have one more little one with me during the day.  Those exhausting […]

Good-bye Summer

Good-bye to summer vacations… Good-bye to lazy mornings playing in our pyjamas… Good-bye to play days with old and new friends… Good-bye to fun-filled activities… Good-bye to sleep-overs… Good-bye to beach days… Until we meet again dear Summer, again I say “Good-bye.”