Monthly Archives: April 2011

Our Easter Story

To prepare our hearts for Easter we have been using the “Resurrection Eggs” as tool for teaching and reinforcing the Easter story.  It has been an excellent hands-on illustration in sharing the truths of the events leading up to Christ’s death on the cross.  The symbols within each egg have been a good way to […]

Bowling Birthday Bash!

   Our handsome, sweet Ian turned SIX on April 17th.  To celebrate his birthday he invited his best buds to a bowling party.  The bumper padded lanes and light-weight bowling balls guaranteed fun for all!  The kids looked adorable in their bowling shoes as they tossed, rolled, and threw (yes, literally threw) the balls down […]


Ian has a new love —BASEBALL.  He truly loves everything about it.  From the hitting to the fielding to the new friends he has made to the snack time after each game.  Ian loves that his Dad is an assistant coach at his practices and games.  The feeling is mutual, Tim loves being involved just […]