Monthly Archives: April 2009

Sunrise to Sunset

    “Sunrise to Sunset” was the McAveney motto and the words we lived by on our family vacation to Oahu.  Yep, my hawaiian beach bums did not adjust to the time change until the last day.  So Tim and I along with our kiddos (and Mimi) watched several beautiful sunrises together and were ready […]

“Guys, this is such a fun day!”

                                    These words we heard from the birthday boy several times throughout our day at Disneyland.  Ian turned FOUR and celebrated his big day at the happiest place on earth with Dad, Mom, and Haley.  It was his first visit […]

Bikini Beauties

  In honor of our Hawaii vacation I am posting an “oldie but goodie” picture. Yep, I was once very adorable in a bikini.  And who are these bikini beauties posing with me?  They are way too cute!  Reminds me a little of AJ, Carley, Haley and Houstona–giggle, giggle!  See if you can guess these […]

6 month check-up

Dr. Mac recently gave little Elize her 6 month check-up.  She was an excellent patient and he was a very thorough examiner.  And no worries, Nurse Mommy was close by to supervise this young resident in training…By the way, this adorable physician has excellent bedside manners, a preschool education, and is now accepting new patients […]