Monthly Archives: April 2010

April 17th

I love this day.  It is one of my favorite days of the year.  When I get asked what is my  favorite time of the year (and most of us answer Christmas or summer) my answer is always my kiddos birthdays.  Their birthdays are very special to me and always super emotional.  For I know […]

Spring Break!

Here is a pictorial look back at our Easter Break.  The kiddos and I were definitely in need of a change of pace from the busy school schedule and after school activities.  The vacation began celebrating Easter Sunday.  We attended our church and it was a special service sitting with Haley in the chapel.  The […]

Easter Baskets

One of our family’s 2010 goals is to serve together.  We set a goal of volunteering four times this year to serve and give of our time. We are aiming to do projects where our kiddos can be totally involved too.  It is our desire to see our kiddos have hearts and attitudes of generosity […]