Monthly Archives: March 2009

East Coast meets West Coast

  Tim’s parents are out visiting us from Maryland.  Nana & Poppy make it a point to come stay at our home a couple times a year.  We always have a great time just hanging out together.  Haley and Ian immediately pick right back up with their grandparents like they never left.  Miss EC has […]

Lions and Tigers and Missionaries–Oh, My!

It has been “Missions Month” for Haley at school during March.  She and her class pray every morning for a missionary family.  At home, we too have been praying for our church’s missionary kids (and not by my prompting but on H’s suggestion alone).  Our church handed out a cool poster with all the MKs […]

Monster Machines

There comes a time when the boys have to stick together.  A time to do serious boys only stuff.  A time to be rough and tough and loud.  Ian spent this time with one of his favorite buds, Grandpa!  Together they participated in a “Monster Machines” class.  Each week the boys got to visit and […]

The Romans Road

 To My Kids,  The following words I deeply desire to share with you and for you to embrace full-heartily.  My hope is that one day (perhaps in your teens) you will read this post and be reaffirmed of a commitment that you have already made in your precious hearts.  I love you all very much […]

Look who’s 6 months old…

     I can hardly believe that our little EC is 6 months old!  Long gone are the endless nights of crying (yep, sorry EC you were definitely colicky) replaced now with giggles & squeals from our sweet precious girl.  You have captured my heart with your bright blue eyes and infectious smile.  I can […]