Monthly Archives: December 2009

The Jesse Tree

A new tradition began this Christmas season at the Mac household.  Many thanks to the Kru Clan, great family friends who introduced this amazing concept to our family and helped design all the ornaments.  The advent season is a time to prepare our hearts for Jesus’ birth and wait with hopeful anticipation for His coming. […]

“Get Your Program!”

This year’s Christmas school programs were a HUGE success for BOTH Haley and Ian.  Just to give the reader a little background, last year’s program Ian refused to put on his shepherd costume and instead looked dashing in the old sweats and white t-shirt combo that was obviously not supposed to be showing or much […]

The Duet

Haley’s piano recital this year was extra special.  Why, you might ask?  Well, Haley performed one of her piano pieces with one of her favorite people.  First, Haley opened by playing her solo piece perfectly, “The Hungarian Dance.”  She even added a little bit of her own flare to the song.  Next, the audience was […]

Eight Years and Counting…

Dear Haley, Ian, and Elize – Your Daddy and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary.  On December 8th of 2001 we were married, and now eight years later we are a family of five.  Wow, how amazing is that and what a journey it has been!  I love the man I married so much on […]