Ian’s Awesome Highlights!

The first several months of 2012 will be looked back upon as one of my favorite times in Ian’s life.  He has participated in tons of cool stuff and had a blast while doing it.  It has been great time of deepening friendships, finding out what he is good at, and learning to enjoy just being himself.  Let me give a recap (and do a little bragging) on these memorable highlights.

Highlight #1 The Spelling Bee –  Ian was definitely an earlier reader and his brain just gets the phonics and pronunciation of words.  So it was not a  huge shock when he was chosen to represent the first graders at the Spelling Bee.  Ian was more excited to miss a day of school for it.  The event was such a nerve-wracking time for mom but not Mr. Chill Ian.  He was super calm, cool, and collected.  I don’t even think he knew how intense the Spelling Bee competition could be.  Ian did amazing job representing the 1st graders and he made it pretty darn far.  In fact, Ian was eliminated when he restarted the spelling of a word which was not allowed (Apparently Mom, too, did not realize how strict this competition would be.)  Tim reminded him jokingly, besides the Spelling Bee champion, he too was the only other person who did not misspell a word.  I still think missing school and the ice cream treat afterwards was his favorite part.


Highlight #2 Boy Scouts – Ian participated for his first time in Scouts as a Tiger Cub.  It has been a great way for him to connect with his friends outside of school.  It has also been a special time for Ian and Tim to do boy stuff together.  His den went on some awesome outings together–a camp out (thank you Grandpa for taking him), a tour of the LA Police Helicopter Station, a basketball game, the infamous Pinewood Derby, and a couple of service projects.  Words cannot describe to you how absolutely crazy the boys are when they get together. BUT when it comes time to represent their Pack they quickly pull it together and do an honorable job.



Highlight # 3 First Terps Sporting Event – Tim finally has a true Maryland Terrapins fan in Ian!!  This Father/Son duo are crazy about Terps basketball and football.  Games are watched with intense enthusiasm accompanied with loud cheering.  Truthfully, I would be painting the entire picture accurately if I did not say that sometimes tears are shed, too!  Stats are checked daily and reported back and forth to one another in great play-by-play detail.  The players names and team numbers have been memorized.  And of course, they love to wear their red Maryland T-shirts and hats.  With all this said, Tim knew it was the right time to take Ian back East for a game.  I need to mention that Haley is as big a Terp fan as the boys.  So across the country the three fans flew to Tim’s parents home to attend their first Maryland sporting event.  Tim said the kids were cheering and yelling so loud that the fans in front of them might have been getting a little annoyed–ha!  The basketball game was a close scoring game all the way to end.  The game was super intense as it went into overnight.  In the end Maryland lost, the kids were totally bummed but it was a great first experience game.   Ian has even mentioned that perhaps he would like to attend Dad’s alma mater.


Highlight # 4 Little League Season – Ian played his second season of TWLL baseball.  This season he played at the “machine pitch” level for the Texas Rangers.  Ian LOVED every minute of it!  He was lucky enough to be on a team with the same head coach as last season along with the best assistant coach, his Dad!  He reconnected with some friends from last year and made several new friends.  Ian improved tremendously this season.  It took a few games to get the timing of the machine pitch speed down but once he figured it out he was making contact with the ball at almost every at bat.  Ian’s catching and throwing went to a new level as well.  It was super thrilling to watch him catch pop flies or scoop up hard hit grounders.  Plus, this season the game of baseball completely clicked mentally.  Once again, Ian had the most fans in attendance at every game with his family, his Mimi and Gpa, and even Great Grandpa Clark cheering him on during several games.   We were all sad to see the season end.  BUT on any given day after school you can find Ian playing ball in the backyard! Ian definitely has baseball fever!!


Highlight #5  – Olympic Day –  Every school year each grade participates in “Olympic Day.”  It is a fun day of competitive games and races that Ian could not wait to be a part of.  So here is where a bit of bragging comes in:  Ian DOMINATED the day.  Ian won almost every event for the boys including the big 50 yard dash finale!  He received five first place ribbons–a new record!  What made me most proud was his humble attitude.  Ian was full of kind words and cheers for his friends, and did not tout his wins at all.  Ian simply enjoyed the day with a huge smile on his face and definitely a competitive edge in his step.    




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