Easter 2012

Ok, I am super behind on blogging because life has been busy with lots of fun things and good times.  So now it is time to play catch up starting with Easter.  Elize and I spent several nights leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday reading children’s Bible books about this miraculous event.  Let me share with you a sweet and funny glimpse into one of our reading times:

I am reading towards the end of a book titled, “The Empty Tomb,” and the page is illustrated with a simple big gray rock and empty tomb. Inside the tomb is a stack of neatly folded white linens.

Mom:  “He is Risen!  The grave is empty.  Jesus is alive!”

Elize:  “But Mom, he left his blankets?!”

Oh, how she cracks me up.  It was a Happy Easter and YES, He is risen indeed!  He even left his blankets to prove it.

Here is one of my favorite pick of the kiddos in their “Easter Sunday Morning Best.”


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