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Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is now quickly approaching! I wanted to recap just a few highlights that have taken place for the McAveney family.  For many family and friends we have shared with you our new journey to foster/adopt.  On November 18th, following a year of classes, a home study, and lots of paperwork, the McAveney family is officially a certified foster family (I will need to write another post to describe in detail the road that has led us here).  The simplicity of it is, we feel blessed and want to bless others.  We have faith in a God who graciously loves us and served others through out his time here on earth.  As we wait for His glorious return He has called His followers to do just the same—to love and serve others.  A huge population that needs Christ’s love is orphans.  What a privilege it will be to one day adopt a child knowing that I too am an adopted daughter of God, my heavenly Father.

God had work for us right away!  We were blessed on the same day we were certified with a sweet 4-year-old boy.  Although, he was a short-term placement with our family it was an incredible introduction to foster care.  We enjoyed our time with him and feel privileged to have had the short time to love on him and him on us.  We are super excited for what God has in store for our family and for foster children here in our community!  We would appreciate your prayers, your encouragement, and your support as we allow God to use us how however He sees best for both our family and for the children who will be with us.  We will keep you updated as best as possible and would love to share with you more….


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  1. Michelle
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    beautiful post, Jenn! will keep you in our prayers!

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