Soccer, Softball, and Saturdays

This fall I have had the pleasure of watching my two big kiddos try something new.  Ian has been playing soccer for the first time with one of his good buds.  We are so thankful to be introduced to this team and awesome coach.  I have been impressed with Ian’s positive, happy attitude at practice and games.  And though he is far from the best player, Ian has given his very best effort every time he plays.  He loves to cheer on his team mates and give high-fives.  Ian has been a good listener on the field and is gaining new knowledge about the game of soccer.  His coach has done an incredible job at encouraging Ian, promoting team work, and teaching the importance of good sportsmanship.  I love how at the end of each game the coach gathers the boys and their families together for a time of praise and recognition of every player.  The coach ask each parent to say positive words regarding their son’s game for all to hear and clap—how cool is that!  Ian has definitely gained new self-confidence and new athletic skills for having tried a new sport.


Haley has also had a special opportunity to try out something new.  On Saturday mornings, several dads and daughters have been meeting with Coach McKee to learn and play softball.  It has been great self-esteem builder for Haley!  The girls are learning the basics of throwing, catching, and hitting in softball.  The practices have been low pressure (just what Haley needs) but at the same time have challenged Haley to try a new sport.  She is loving playing softball with some of her best friends and her Dad!  It has been a special time for Haley.  Her coach is super patient with the girls and great at building up their confidence.  We have been told Haley has a really nice stance and swing.  She even mentioned she might consider playing softball during the spring season…So this Momma is proud that Ian and Haley have tried something new and unfamiliar, and that they have stuck it out with happy hearts on and off the field.  



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