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The Mac family officially has all three kiddos attending school this year.  Wow, how can this be?  At times it seems like just yesterday they each were born. How quickly time has passed and now we have entered a new phase of life–the school years. Check out the stats below and see for yourself about the new Mac school team.

Here is the starting line-up:  In Third Grade, weighing in at 48 pounds and standing tall at  52 inches is Haley McAveney.  She has long, strawberry blonde hair and loves to wear it in curls.  With a nose full of freckles, soft blue eyes, and two lose teeth she is ready to start a new school year.  She is musically gifted, loves art, and creative writing.  Reading and writing are her strong suits though this girl has got her multiplication facts down.  She is developing a deeper passion for God and has a heart for the less fortunate.  We are working with Haley on being confident in who God has made her and standing up for what is right even if it is not always easy.

In First Grade, the heavy weight on our school team at 52 pounds, Ian McAveney.  He is currently neck and neck with his Big Sis in height (something Haley is not too happy about).  With fiery red hair, big blue eyes, and a toothless smile he is one handsome young man.  Ian loves to read and can add up numbers like nobody’s business.  He has a kind, sensitive spirit and always tries his best.  We are working on with Ian self-control and patience.  He enjoys reading his Bible in the morning, an impressive habit that already challenges his Mom and Dad.

And the final player for the Mac team, our preschooler, Elize McAveney (believe me she can hold her own)!  She is attending two days a week of preschool.  Weighing in at 32 pounds and a height of 40 inches, she is one tall three-year old.  Elize dons cute red curls and sparkling blue eyes.  She knows her ABCs and can count to twenty.  She LOVES to sing and dance.  She adores being outside or being read to by her Daddy.  She has admirable manners.  She prays and worships God with a genuine child-like faith.  We are working on with Elize sharing with others and using our “big girl” words.

Well there you have it, our starting line-up and stats for the new school year.  Our kiddos have been blessed with awesome teachers and we are looking forward to a great year.  May God use this year to above all challenge each of them to grow in their faith, as well as in their studies and friendships.


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  1. Michelle
    Posted September 14, 2011 at 5:58 am | Permalink

    Precious, Jenn! Hope all of your kiddos have a great year!

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